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Brittney Nicole Washington is Queer Black Artist + Mama + Doula + Strategist + Troublemaker. Brittney's multidisciplinary approach to her work applies an understanding that 1) our most important responsibility is dismantling the power arrangements that maintain structural racism and poverty; 2) everyone has different points of entry into politicization and social justice movements; and 3) art is a powerful usher toward healing, imagination, and movement for that purpose.


Brittney facilitates nationwide to illuminate historical events that shape current experiences of racialized poverty, trauma, and disconnection. She consults and curates spaces where folks can be brave, vulnerable, and imaginative about how to bend organizations and policies toward justice. 


Brittney uses painting, illustration, and filmmaking to broaden our spectrum of human experiences in media. Her work decolonizes ideas of normality and invites radical empathy across difference. 


A mama-healer, Brittney invests in families. She encourages us to reconceptualize how we care for each other, how we combat the seduction of individualism, and how to create renewing ecosystems for our spiritual gifts and the world we share.


Brittney gives thanks to the independent authors, local artists, community leaders, families, organizations like Teaching for Change, Black Lives Matter DC, Cop Watch, Many Languages One Voice, The DC Initiative on Racial Equity in Governments, Service to Justice, Miriam’s Kitchen, the Interagency Council on Homelessness, SPACES, and more with whom she has worked.


Brittney Nicole Washington currently lives in Washington, DC.